Term Limits & Ethics Reform A Plan for Idaho State Government


Term Limits for Statewide Officials – Responsive, citizen-based leadership is critical to a strong Idaho. When professional politicians spend too much time in office, they lose touch with the realities of what Idaho families and businesses face, and as a result, put the needs of the special interests in front of the needs of the taxpayer. Limiting executive statewide elected officials to eight years (two four-year terms) will help ensure that Idaho has the future we all deserve.


Economic Interest Disclosure – Idaho is one of only two states that has no disclosure requirements for elected officials. This reform would require elected officials to disclose their sources of personal income. This is the most basic and simple of transparency measures that helps avoid conflicts of interest and impropriety among elected officials. This reform would require elected officials in Idaho to disclose the employer and job title for themselves and their spouse, any source of income of more than $5,000, any business or organization that the official owns, or any boards on which the official sits, all investments that are worth $5,000 or more, and any property assets. Disclosing this information will fill a gaping hole that has persisted in Idaho’s ethics laws for far too long.


Full disclosure of state funded travel outside of the state – Taxpayers should have confidence that when their elected officials are traveling for state business, it is just that: business. This reform would require a full online disclosure of official business conducted on these trips, including costs and schedule of time.

Prevent Pension Spiking – For years, politicians in Boise have failed to end the practice of pension spiking. Politicians should not be allowed to pad their retirement by taking high-paying, taxpayer-funded jobs after they leave office. This reform puts the interests of Idaho taxpayers ahead of those of Boise politicians and is the fiscally and ethically responsible thing to do.

No Taxpayer-Funded Pension for Government Officials Convicted of a Felony – This is a simple reform: If you do not live up to the standards expected of public officials, you do not get a pension. Period.


Online Transparency – Searchable Lobbyist Gift Database – Our lobbyist reporting rules are outdated and ineffective. An online searchable database of lobbyist gifts will increase public transparency on the relationships between lobbyists and elected officials.

Stop the Revolving Door – Public officials should not use their elected or appointed positions to leverage big payouts in the private sector. This reform would institute a two-year waiting period for state legislators and state executives in Boise from becoming lobbyists. Taxpayers deserve the security of knowing that those that they have elected or appointed to represent them are not using this trust to carve out a big payday for themselves.

Lobbyist Campaigning Disclosure – If lobbyists want to work or volunteer on a campaign for an elected official, the relationship should be transparent and reported. Disclosing this relationship online is a commonsense step we can take to make sure that special interests are not unduly influencing elections and advancing their own interests.


Ban All Campaign Contributions During the Legislative Session – Banning all financial contributions to Idaho’s elected officials – both executive and legislative — during the legislative session and until the end of the bill signing period is a commonsense step to help avoid impropriety. More than half of the states across the country have implemented various fundraising prohibitions during legislative sessions.

Ban Paying Family Members from Campaign Accounts – Politicians in Boise should not be able to accept money from special interests and then turn around and use that money to enrich their family members. This practice should be banned.

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"It's time for less talk and more action in Boise - and requiring elected officials to disclose this information will fill a gaping hole that has persisted in Idaho's ethics laws for far too long,"

Republican Tommy Ahlquist

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