President Trump’s Idaho Apprentice Troy McClain Endorses Tommy Ahlquist for Governor David Johnston | | Feb 15, 2018

EAGLE, ID – Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist today announced that President Trump’s Idaho Apprentice Troy McClain has endorsed his candidacy for Governor of Idaho. Having built and sold two separate companies to national organizations, Troy cites Tommy Ahquist’s successful entrepreneurial and business leadership experience and dedication to building an even better Idaho small business economy as the foundation of his endorsement.

“In his book "How to think like a Billionaire," President Trump is quoted as saying ‘Guys like Troy Make America Great!’ And for me, I know electing Tommy Ahlquist will make Idaho even greater,” said McClain. “Tommy’s drive to create an environment for small businesses to thrive and allow us to be proud job creators that can provide good paying jobs to our fellow Idahoans!”

“And like Trump, Tommy is an outsider and businessman who will come in and disrupt the status quo to improve Idaho’s future. I know personally that Tommy has been the first to the call – and will certainly not stop until the job is done right.”

Tommy Ahlquist’s Conservative Blueprint for an Even Better Idaho outlines the promises, vision and plan that will allow Idahoans to thrive as families and small businesses. It focuses on small business, education, healthcare, tax reform and a term limits and ethics reform plan for Idaho. In terms of small business and tax reform Ahlquist has pledged to:

Small Business – Idaho’s Economy Rests on the Backs of Small Business

  • Create the environment for small businesses to thrive and create good-paying jobs
  • Eliminate burdensome mandates and regulations on small business
  • Streamline, innovate and create a culture where the departments of state government serve our people and small businesses
  • Strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship in Idaho by promoting and assisting the interactions between research, technology, industries and capital
  • Develop the vision and plans for investment in critical infrastructure needed to protect current industry and to unleash the modern economy in Idaho

Tax Reform – Tax Policy Drives Business & Jobs in Idaho

  • Begin by spending our tax dollars more effectively by identifying $100 million of wasteful spending in the first 100 days
  • Reform our tax code to make it more fair, flat and simple for Idaho families and businesses
  • Set a hard cap on spending tied to personal income that will truly limit the growth of government spending


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