Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist Announces Statewide Farm & Ranch Coalition Leaders David Johnston | | Feb 14, 2018


Key Leaders in Ag Join Campaign Team

EAGLE, ID – Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Tommy Ahlquist, today announced the key individuals who will serve as his Farm & Ranch Coalition Leaders from across the state – furthering the growth of his statewide grassroots organization. These amazing individuals will lead the effort to organize all of the farmers, ranchers, and dairymen from across the state who are supporting Tommy’s campaign. They join 5 Statewide Chairs, 107 County Chairs and 72 members of the Small Business coalition in leading the efforts to elect Ahlquist as Idaho’s 33rd Governor.

“As these leaders know, I’ll fight to remove known burdensome regulations facing agriculture and fight until healthcare premiums are lowered. I’ll fight to keep our kids at home in Idaho and I’ll fight to protect our water for agriculture,” said Ahlquist. “But most importantly – I will always stand up for Idaho agriculture. Because from grain and potatoes to sugar beets, cattle, dairy and more – listening to and fighting for Idaho’s agricultural businessmen and women cements not only Idaho’s core values and past heritage – but cements a cornerstone of Idaho’s economic future.”

In their endorsement of Tommy Ahlquist for Governor, many of the members of the Farm and Ranch Coalition cited Ahlquist’s proven track-record of real-world experience – from serving as an E.R. doctor for over 18 years and as a successful businessman and entrepreneur who’s signed the fronts of thousands of paychecks for Idahoans. Like Idaho’s farmers, ranchers and dairymen, Ahlquist is also an entrepreneur. Coalition members also cited Ahlquist’s commitment to fighting to remove known burdensome regulations facing agriculture, fighting to protect Idaho’s water for agriculture, fighting until healthcare premiums are lowered and fighting to keep Idaho kids at home through improved education and investing in Idaho’s economy.

“Tommy understands farmers, ranchers and dairymen because like us – he’s also an entrepreneur who started and built several businesses, signed numerous bank loans and the front of thousands of paychecks,” said Matt Beck. “Tommy will listen and fight for Idaho’s ag businessmen and women, plain and simple.”

“Tommy knows hard work and he knows business – and he’s pledged to remove the burdensome regulations facing agriculture and fight to protect Idaho’s water for farmers, ranchers and dairymen and make sure Idaho maintains sovereignty over its water,” said Stephanie Mickelsen. “Idaho agriculture will benefit greatly from having his fresh approach, new ideas and real-world experience in the Governor’s office.”

Dr. Tommy Ahlquist for Governor Farm & Ranch Coalition

Stephanie Mickelsen - Chair
Carl Taylor - Co-Chair
Matt Beck - Co-Chair
Mitch Coats - Co-Chair
Nick Robinson - Co-Chair
Harry Bettis - Co-Chair

Victor Caratachea Doug and Brady Pickett Ryan Hawker
Kody Beck Brandon Brackenbury Jeff Douglas
Eugene Matthews Nick Robinson Greg Andersen
Randy Robinson Steve Bateman Brett Jensen
Brad Hall Cole Hall Logan Hall
Marshall Bitter Steve Zweifel Harry Bettis
Larry Williams Brad Reed Seth Cannon
Richard Smith Boyd Foster Kyle Wangeman
Blaine Larsen Tyler Cranney Ryan Cranney
Scott Stevenson Steve Boren Starr Olsen
John Andersen


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