About Tommy Ahlquist M.D. Team Tommy is the grassroots leaders and supporters that are working to elect Tommy as our next Governor.

My team is comprised of business and community leaders and conservative activists who agree that less talk and more action gets things done in the real world – and it’s time to bring that mindset to the Governor’s office.

I’m humbled and excited to stand with this passionate group of hard-working community servants as we strive together to build an even better Idaho. It is our grassroots support that will win this election. Join this movement today.

Our statewide grassroots leadership team:

Kristin Armstrong – Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist
Larry Williams – Founder of Idaho Timber Corp.
Lorna Finman – Head of LCF Enterprises and STEM Revolution in North Idaho
Tammy DeWeerd- Mayor, Meridian Idaho
Doug Pickett – Owner of Pickett Ranch

Team Tommy grassroots leaders in every county:

Grassroots Chairman: Tyler Hurst

Ada County Bonneville County Kootenai County
Rob McQuade Stephanie Mickelson Joshua Dahlstrom
Camille Wells Emily Milton Jason Ball
Brad Christensen Commissioner Bryon Reed Justin Godbehere
Kent Goldthorpe Kristine Staten  
Elijah Watkins Kyler and Megan Hope Latah County
Cameron Arial Trent Shippen David Brown
Bill & Becky Young   Lindsey Laprath
Jesse Ronnow Boundary County Dale Miller
Todd Christensen Diane Blakely  
Emily Baker   Lemhi County
Sandra Mitchell Butte County Brian Ford
Jade Millington Superintendent Joel Wilson  
Dallas Millington   Lewis County
Emily Larsen Camas County Steve Bateman
Spencer Nead Tom Martin  
Jessica Whiting   Lincoln County
  Canyon County Terry Zech
Adams County Mayor Garrett Nancolos  
Joseph Albert Iveson Joe Bell Madison County
  Mayor Darin Taylor Leo Castagno
Bannock County   David Taylor
Lance Kolbet Caribou County Leon Anderson
Shane W Moulton Robert Lau  
Max Shaffer   Minidoka County
Fahim Rahim Cassia County Victor Caratachea
Mayor Kevin England Heidi Cranney  
Jessica Sargent Nick Robinson Nez Perce County
John Sargent   Tom Eier
  Clark County Mark Jennings
Bear Lake County Valeria Maxwell Sharon Garda
Lance Kolbet    
Shane W Moulton Clearwater County Oneida County
Max Shaffer Melissa and Chris Mayberry Mike Hess Jr.
Fahim Rahim    
Mayor Kevin England Custer County Owyhee County
Jessica Sargent Mayor Mike Barrett Steve and Mandi Boren
John Sargent    
Hank Medford Franklin County Payette County
Frank Vilt & Sheyrl Bomsta Nicky Hollingsworth Brad Barlow
  Melinda Jepsen  
    Power County
Benewah County Fremont County Greg Andersen
Curtis Benham Micah Spicer Monica Claunch
  Rachel Hatton Tim May
Bingham County Billy and Katherine Stronks Vern & Katie Nelson
Burke Kunz    
Craig and Lisa Rowland Gem County Shoshone County
Tom and Susan Moss Joe Morton Mayor Kip McGillivray
  Justin Walker  
Blaine County   Teton County
Bryan Evans Gooding County Roy Moulton
Jared Hill Pete Weir  
Michael Leach   Twin Falls County
  Idaho County Chenele Dixon
Boise County Kim Johnson Steve Millington
Linda and Dave Howard   Don Zuck
  Jefferson County  
Bonner County Marshall Hurst Valley County
George Wentz Mayor Jason Richardson Mark Wood
Allen McClelland Lisa Swanson Ross Lamm
    Washington County
    Brian and Loreen Packer

Small Businesss Coalition

Tommy's Small Business Coalition is a group of small business leaders who are advocating Tommy's candidacy and also help advising on small business issues. If you would like to join any one of our coalitions, contact: lyndel@tommyforidaho.com

Our statewide coalition leadership team:

Ron Nilson - Chair, Kootenai County
Sylvia Hample - Co-Chair, Ada County
Laura Anderson - Co-Chair, Power County

Coalition team members:

Robert Lau Allison Isaacson Sheldon Christensen
David Taylor Joe Wheeler Bob Potter
Sharri Johnston Jared Wheeler Josh Wheeler
Mike Hess Kam Wheeler Zac Bodily
Jeffrey Johnson Laurie Lister Jeremy Krupp
Dave Gardner Jason Kotter Jason Laase
Ryan Miller Ryan Vanaflen Nate Blanchard
Crystal Hurst Brad Christensen Zane Schenk
Dave Rogers Travis Snowder Matthew Ingersoll
Lynnette Rogers Brian Hymas Kent Nauahi
Leo Castagno Adam Strong Dan Matheson
Matt Morgan Bille Stronk Dick Fenton
Paul Leonard Katherine Stronk Melissa Mayberry
Ryan DeLuca Aaron Moore Chris Mayberry
Jeremy DeLuca John Sargent Jayson Frank
Camille Olson Terry Zech Mitch Twiss
Jim Kissler Lance Kolbet Jan Shaffer
Von Hansen Bryan Evans Jeremy Palmer
Blake Hansen Jeremy Deeble Ed Bryant
Dave Erlbach Larry Williams Mike Christensen
Kevin Warner Vince Covino Jake Garling
Dallas Millington Pam Layton Brent Searle
Chris Isaacson Jeremy Manwaring Becky Hill

Why Tommy for Idaho

"My team is comprised of business and community leaders and conservative activists who agree that less talk and more action gets things done in the real world – and it’s time to bring that mindset to the Governor’s office."

Republican Tommy Ahlquist

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