Who is Dr. Tommy Alquist

Dr. Tommy Ahlquist knows to accomplish anything worthwhile you have to be a doer and not a talker. He learned this lesson from his Grandpa Pettersson at an early age on the family farm. He has lived by this principle in his work as a small businessman, emergency room doctor, father and leader in the community.

Tommy believes in the people of Idaho. His commitment to making communities stronger has driven him to run for Governor. With fresh ideas, a fresh approach and by working together, he knows we can build an even better Idaho.

Tommy has spent his entire professional career in Idaho. He is best known for transforming the corner of 8th and Main from a 25-year hole in downtown Boise to the Zion’s Bank Building, now the tallest building in Idaho. Over the last 10 years, Tommy has built over 2 million square feet of commercial property across Idaho. As a builder, he has created thousands of jobs in Idaho, invested significantly in the local economy and helped small business owners realize their dreams. Tommy has a proven track record of attracting businesses to the state and has the skills Idaho needs to grow its economy and create jobs.

Dr. Tommy Ahlquist for Idaho What are people saying?

Tommy’s fresh approach, new ideas and a long-standing track record of successful leadership are something we all believe in. We’ve seen a groundswell of support and our growing campaign team covers every inch of the state – standing together in strong support of Tommy and his Blueprint for Building an Even Better Idaho.

I am honored to serve alongside Tommy because not only is he a man of integrity, but a man of action. “Tommy is a committed conservative who will bring bold reforms to Boise – from cutting wasteful spending to sweeping ethics reforms – and Tommy has the track record to get it done and get it done successfully.”

As a treatment provider who sees the wreckage this crisis causes individuals and families day after day – I can tell you Ahlquist’s plan hits every single bullet point I’d put in an opioid crisis plan if I wrote such a plan myself

Tyler Hurst 2nd Vice Chair of the Idaho Republican Party
Steve Millington Twin Falls County Chair and Chairman of the Twin Falls Republican Party
Jason Coombs CEO and Founder of Meridian-based Brick House Recovery


Our Mission

I believe in the strength of the individual and personal responsibility. I believe in the limited role of government. Like all Idahoans, I have the same can-do spirit of action, not words. That’s why I’m running for governor, with a conservative blueprint for building an even better Idaho.

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My Promise for the Future of Idaho

Our Vision

We need higher paying jobs in Idaho. Our state’s economy rests on the backs of small business and I promise to lead efforts that focus on taking care of our current businesses — and then relentlessly promote Idaho as the best place to do business in the nation. It will take time, but it must and will be done.

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