BlueprintFor an Even Better Idaho

“I believe in the strength of the individual and personal responsibility. I believe in the limited role of government. Like all Idahoans, I have the same can-do spirit of action, not words. That’s why I’m running for governor, with a conservative blueprint for building an even better Idaho.” 

– Republican Tommy Ahlquist 


As a doctor and builder, Tommy knows regulations hurt our economy. That’s why he will fight to rein in the EPA, stop Obamacare and eliminate burdensome regulations.

For eight years, Barack Obama forced us to operate under a regulatory environment that goes against the very heart of our free-market economy. He failed to understand that the proper role of government is to be limited and local. Obamacare has been a disaster. The Obama administration stifled growth, and they discouraged innovation. They regulated businesses out of business.

It’s been an attack on the spirit of entrepreneurship. As your governor, Tommy will fight to limit government, get rid of excessive and overreaching regulations and reform our tax code to spur job creation.


Tommy will bring innovative reforms to improve Idaho’s schools. As governor, he will demand excellence in our children’s education so they will be successful in the modern economy.

Too many of our high school seniors are not college and career ready upon graduation. We need to close the gap between what Idaho businesses need in their employees and what our schools are teaching. Tommy is committed to closing Idaho’s talent gap and ensuring students from all walks of life learn the skills they need to successfully compete with their peers across the nation. Our children deserve better, and as governor, Tommy will make education his top priority.


Tommy will reform our tax code and cut regulations on small businesses. As our governor, he will support small businesses to create new jobs and boost our local economies.

Idaho’s taxes are higher than our neighboring states'. If we want to be more competitive, we must reform the tax code and take action to get government out of the way of small businesses to encourage growth in our local economies and create new, good-paying jobs.

As governor, Tommy will make Idaho’s government more efficient and innovative so we can lower our taxes. He will take a fresh look at every process, every department, every regulation and every dollar spent because, after all, it’s your money.


As a father and a doctor, Tommy believes that life is a gift from God. Tommy will always defend the sanctity of life. As our governor, we can count on him to always be a strong voice for the unborn.


Tommy will find new ways to create good-paying jobs. As our governor, he will reform taxes to make Idaho more competitive, create new jobs and boost local economies.

As a small business owner who has created thousands of jobs, Tommy understands how to take an idea and grow it into a company that creates good jobs. He will work to attract the good jobs we need, whether they're the jobs that have traditionally driven Idaho’s economy or the high-tech jobs of the future.


Some of Tommy’s fondest memories of growing up are of hunting with his father. As a lifelong hunter and gun owner, he will defend and protect our Second Amendment rights. He will oppose any legislation that weakens the constitutional right to bear arms by responsible, law abiding citizens.


Tommy understands the importance of a balanced budget and responsible spending. We can always count on him to cut waste, streamline government and spend our tax dollars wisely.


Tommy knows Idaho’s farmers and ranchers are key to our economy. That’s why he will always fight to keep government out of our agricultural industry.

Tommy will listen to our local farmers and ranchers because they know best how to manage their lands. They don’t just help Idaho’s economy, they feed our nation and the world. Tommy will fight the Washington bureaucrats who want to control our water, or regulate things like dust, and who must be stopped dead in their tracks.


Tommy knows preparing Idahoans for success is a top priority. As our governor, he will take a new approach by creating partnerships between local businesses and our schools to ensure that our graduates are prepared for good-paying jobs in our workforce.


As a doctor, Tommy knows firsthand that Obamacare has been a disaster for Idaho families. It’s destroying the doctor-patient relationship—the very foundation of quality healthcare. Premiums continue to rise while federal mandates are changing the very essence of medicine. Meanwhile, it’s adding to the crippling national debt.

With the election of President Trump, Idaho will have a tremendous opportunity to define how healthcare is delivered in our state, controlling our own destiny. Relying on our Idaho values, we must implement solutions based on personal accountability, protect the doctor-patient relationship and promote competition between providers and insurance companies so Idahoans will receive the best care at a fair price.


Tommy believes that marriage should be the union of a man and a woman. As our governor, he will support policies that promote and safeguard the traditional institution of marriage. 


Idahoans—not the federal government—know best how to manage our public lands and find solutions that maintain access. By sharing the recreation and enjoyment of our public lands with our children, they will learn to appreciate and protect the beauty of Idaho. Our public lands belong to all Idahoans, and Tommy will fight to ensure our access and that they remain public.